Women and wine have always understood each other, and perhaps they resemble each other a bit

by | 8 Mar 2024 | Editorial

Both can have notes of infinite sweetness and just as much roughness. They can possess great freshness, yet linger in your memories and soul for a very long time, evoking intense fragrances and flavors.

For both, wine and women, much depends on how they are treated from birth or even before. The place of their origin is crucial, which can be quite adverse, as is the culture of the people around them, which can be even more challenging. However, their history, the care given to them as they grow, and later, the attention paid to them are also fundamental. Just like all human beings, exceptional qualities can be found in them. Only, they are more than elements; they are exceptional beings.

Today, I feel like celebrating the women of Wine, but also the women of science. Among my personal great idols, starting with technology, there’s Hedy Lamarr (born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler).

Born into a Jewish family, practically forced to marry an arms manufacturer who essentially embraced fascism. She fled to respond to her human ethics and started anew in the United States. To remedy a guilt that she did not have but felt was hers – that of fleeing to save herself – she worked on a project that became the precursor of today’s Wi-Fi. Yes, that thing nobody realizes today but we use every moment. It wasn’t used in war, you know why? Because she was a woman, and moreover, a beautiful woman who made a living as a successful actress, and therefore, she wasn’t considered credible. She managed to raise large sums to help her compatriots, but only as an entertainer. History will prove her right and acknowledge that if an idea is great, it will find its way sooner or later.

Going even further back in the past, talking about Wine and Champagne, many women who inherited struggling cellars laid the foundations for building great houses. Veuve Cliquot is perhaps the most well-known, but I like to remember those who work looking not only to their own future, mentioning Mrs. Marie-Louise de Nonancourt, sister of Victor Lanson, another Champagne giant. Having space in a family of producers was difficult. But fate creates opportunities in its darkest moments. After her winemaker husband’s death in 1928, Marie-Louise decided to take over the family business to ensure a future mainly for her children. She expanded the company in 1938 by acquiring Maison Laurent-Perrier in Tours-sur-Marne and, at the same time, inherited another house, Maison Delamotte, which she aspired to revive. She helped her son Bernard in a growth journey to lead the company effectively. After her, Bernard became the historic face of Laurent-Perrier, dedicating his entire life to it with often revolutionary projects. Today, the house is led by Alexandra Pereyre and Stéphanie Meneux de Nonancourt, his daughters.

I would like to mention the women who, without waving the pink flag, work to succeed, not just the first Master of Wine Jancis Robinson. Still, I would like to mention the countless businesswomen, operators, sommeliers, IT professionals, legal experts, employees, social managers, collection attendants, cleaning staff… they work. They work twice, and there’s no need to explain why, right?

Women and wine have always understood each other. The place of their origin is crucial, which can be quite adverse, as is the culture of the people around them, which can be even more challenging, the way they are treated to express their full potential. And the potential will emerge with intense flavors and intoxicating fragrances, leaving lasting sensations or slipping away like a sip of light wine. And they must have the right to do so.

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