Wine 2 wine – A World at Different Speeds

by | 29 Nov 2023 | Editorial

Wine 2 Wine is undoubtedly a prominent platform for Italian producers seeking to engage with the foreign market and some of the most attractive global players and operators.

Organized with great attention to the participants’ needs, including careful scheduling to allow for discussions between meetings and to provide necessary networking opportunities in an event like this.

Turning to the remarkable data, there is a two-speed export there is a two-speed export situation concerning the Italian market and the target audience in terms of age.

Here are some examples: The overall American landscape, with 44 million core drinkers and others with lower frequencies, shows a decline in consumption among the younger demographic. They are seeking products with more appealing packaging and lower alcohol content, often favoring Ready to Drink options, and showing a particular interest in sustainability.

Overall,the United States is experiencing a decline in alcoholic beverage consumption, with some exceptions in certain states. Italy maintains an 11% market share in the top 100 best-selling wines, with Prosecco performing much better than table wines.

An exception worth noting is Florida, where the population above 65 is growing, partly due to tax-related reasons. There are over 2000 Italian restaurants, 2500 seafood restaurants, and 1150 steak restaurants in the state’s primary areas, which heavily rely on tourism. It is a state where it makes sense to strategize, recognizing the interesting potential but also acknowledging the competition. There are 50 distributors and approximately 2000 registered importers in the state.

On the other hand, the Asian market presents different trends. For example, the Central Asian market is growing despite being comprised of countries with Muslim governments. Consumption trends are on the rise in countries like Kazakhstan and Mongolia. A high-spending class, sometimes of Russian origin, has emerged, approaching wine with a desire to understand, to learn, to delve into the stories and allure of the product and wineries. Here, young people are turning to wine, perhaps abandoning stronger spirits, and are particularly attracted to Italy. Although these markets are not massive, they are starting to show potential and are even facing challenges from the market for fake products.

Also announced at this event were the 100 Opera Wine producers for 2023, disclosed by Bruce Sanderson and Alison Napjus for Wine Spectator during wine2wine 2022. It was impressive to see them all on stage, featuring both large, well-known wineries and small gems from Italy. These wineries will be the protagonists of the pre-Vinitaly tasting in April, as usual organized by the influential magazine. Some interesting new entries and many confirmations were noted. Without favoring anyone and without mentioning specific wineries, let’s talk about regions that see a significant presence of Tuscany, Piemonte, and Veneto region, with a more excellent representation from the North thanfrom the Central and Southern regions.

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