The Glass Élite – Blockchain and enterprises: changing attitude to make it happen.

by | 24 Oct 2023 | Editorial

It is a complex task to design a project that embodies a significant and profound sense of innovation, particularly concerning processes.

The Glass Élite is a project with an innovative spirit adopting a distinct attitude, aspiring to build concrete and robust bridges by exploring the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and applying it to everyday work routines and business needs. Our primary objective is to “resolve issues”, streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and simplify procedures while simultaneously elevating the level of security in transactions.

We firmly believe that revolutionizing the world is attainable and feasible through business endeavors and that transforming technologies into tools is not only possible but also necessary. The path for these innovations is to find space and application and, in turn, foster growth.

The Glass Élite was born to redefine the world of exports by incorporating NFT technology, combined with supply chain traceability, notarization, and the capacity to create value within the traditional wine market.

Is it possible? We believe it is! This is why, although our structure is still on paper, we presented ourselves at the NFT Fest in Lugano as a challenge, bringing home pivotal results. Despite stopping at the semifinals, we engaged, shared our ideas, and found convergence with our peers on crucial topics, receiving positive and constructive feedback.

What are these fundamental themes that we should all consider?

The first is simplification. We must make this technology accessible to everyone, abstracting it from the need for extensive knowledge to make it practical. The second theme is security. By security, we mean not just in the realm of IT, but also ethical approach, competence in management, and presence during critical moments. Security translates to generating trust and stability and is a fundamental parameter. The last but not least critical element is utility. It may sound simple, but it’s not. It must be useful, solving problems, generating advantages, and creating opportunities.

Today, NFT technology is applied in specific scenarios. However, it must move beyond this niche position, making its way into the everyday operations of businesses and individuals, for those who invest in development, or even for those who want to speculate in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, aided by evolving regulations that are gradually defining boundaries.

Why are we sharing all of this with you? Within these pages and interviews, you will find information, updates, insights into the world of wine, or even discussions on technology applied to our project. In short, articles, interviews, or reports that don’t just talk about us but aim to discuss the future, a future for all.

This is the next revolution we need to embark on, and we want to attempt it. It will be challenging, but we are not alone. We will be alongside partners, friends, and competitors who share the same vision and are determined to pursue it. So, whether you are a wine enthusiast or not, whether you are passionate about cryptocurrencies or not, we aim to share what we are truly seeking to understand and build and keep you updated through our content. We would be delighted if you joined us on this journey.

TGE Staff

Each element of our team contributes some key characteristics to the project.
Expertise: everyone provides what they have learned over time with dedication and responsibility, aware that it is the results that sustain businesses.
Passion: not only for technology, through which we want to build new ways, but also for discovery and growth in every direction.
Smile: which is the primary way for people to innovate and solve problems, as it enables everyone to always challenge themselves lightly, but without superficiality.