The Glass Élite – A new Italian technology platform enters the world of wine

by | 2 Apr 2024 | Events

The platform of the start-up Through Tech is presented at Vinitaly, with the aim of revolutionizing the wine export world by adopting Web3 technologies and blockchain.

Pordenone – The Glass Élite platform is presented at this year’s Vinitaly, aiming to revolutionize the wine export sector by adopting blockchain and NFT-related protocols, going beyond the concepts of collecting applied in the industry so far.

The project will be showcased at the Enolitech Pavilion – booth 7b during Vinitaly 2024.

The platform is developed by the Innovative Start Up Through Tech S.r.l., founded on July 4th in Pordenone with the support of the Andrea Galvani Technological Pole of the Upper Adriatic, which aims to adopt innovative technologies related to blockchain and WEB3 for real economic benefits.

The Glass Élite platform, the company’s main focus but not the only tool under development, is a fully B2B platform aiming to utilize NFT (Non-Fungible Token) protocols. Thus, not only for supply chain traceability and product origin certification, but also to facilitate transactions between wineries and the Ho.Re.Ca. world on an international level.

Therefore, it’s a platform not aimed at creating another speculative wine collecting application, but a specialized structure to create economic benefits for the industry, transforming wine batches into Certified Digital Assets for quick, secure, and simple international transactions, ensuring product origin.

Thanks to the legal experts of Refink Law Firm in Milan, the platform is among the first in Europe to undergo a thorough legal-technical evaluation to fully comply with the new European Crypto Asset regulation, MiCAR.

At the debut of the project at Vinitaly, some technical partners will be present, including the Founder of the Italian Exchange Young Platform, Andrea Ferrero, and the founder of Yomi srl, an expert in blockchain especially Ethereum and Polygon technology, Sebastiano Cataudo. International markets and exports will also be discussed, both in terms of numbers and regulatory framework, with interventions from Simone Padoan, founder of Wine Figures, and Attorney Roberto Luzi Crivellini, founder of Wine Lawyer. When discussing companies and internationalization, the theme of economic sustainability and environmental footprint cannot be overlooked, addressed at the stand by representatives of Vinrà Maria dei Svaldi and Qredible, Matteo Perico.

An important novelty within the project is also introduced to help wineries tell their stories and showcase their territories to the international audience, especially the younger generation, through Virtual Reality. At Vinitaly, only a preview of what will be a project spanning various wine denominations, developed in collaboration with wineries and territories, will be presented.

Several producers have already joined, and others are joining in various Italian regions these days, starting from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, then moving on to Piedmont, Trentino-Alto Adige, Emilia, Veneto, and Sardinia, where the company has established a second headquarters to develop logistics-related elements of the project.

Among the wineries present at the stand is the first to join the project, Dolomis srl from Trentino, presenting its 36-month sparkling wine from the 2019 vintage, directly from the founders’ voices.

Among the founders of the project is Alessandra Tugnolo from Venice, who, after years of consulting in the field of technology and communication, decided to build a highly competent team to launch the project, which will soon undergo its second capital increase.

We look forward to seeing you at Vinitaly at Pavilion 7B from April 14th to 17th.

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